4.7. gpg

This role installs GPG and creates a GPG key for the ansible_user running the desktop playbook.

The crypto plugin of GNU Health contains functionalities of digital signatures that can only be used with such a key.

  • Parameters:

    • gpg_key_type: RSA or other key type

    • gpg_key_length: Bit length of the key

    • gpg_name: Name of key owner

    • gpg_mail: Email of key owner

    • gpg_pw: Password to protect the key

    • gpg_expiration_days: Number of days for validity of the key

    • gpg_create_subkey: Whether a subkey is needed (e.g. for elliptic curves)

    • gpg_subkey_type: Type of subkey

    • gpg_subkey_length: Bit length of subkey

  • Defaults: