13. Contributing

Contributing to this project is more than welcome!

If you want to file issues, you can either create them on the GitLab project or on GNU Savannah:



For discussions you can join the chat or mailing lists of GNU Health:


Feel free to also open Merge Requests or ask for membership to open another developing branch.

13.1. Maintenance

Best is to run the BASH tests locally before any commit. You can find them in the tests folder. In .gitlab-ci.yml you can find the way how they are called and their dependencies.

Molecule tests are more and more supersized for laptops - thus a dedicated test server is planned to run them periodically and before merges.

Before any merge into the main branch the following has to be updated and checked as well:

  • VERSION in top level directory

  • CHANGELOG in top level directory

  • version variable in docs/source/conf.py

  • Roadmap in the documentation

  • Local built version of the documentation as in the pages stage inside .gitlab-ci.yml