4.18. ssmtp

This role can be used to realize email notifications by using a dummy email account only for sending those emails. If you want to use sSMTP, create a new mail account for this and make sure that access from applications is allowed. It’s tested using web.de which requires to “allow IMAP/POP3” although only SMTP will be used. Installation of sSMTP is controlled by the boolean ssmtp. Besides it is not used if postfix is set to true.

The role comes with the following configuration options:

  • Parameters:

    • ssmtp_mail_hub: Domain name and port of SMTP server of your mail provider

    • ssmtp_mail_address: Email address that is created for this purpose

    • ssmtp_mail_pw: Password to log into the mail address

  • Defaults:

    • ssmtp_users: Users allowed to use sSMTP

    • ssmtp_zypper_repo: Link of zypper repository to add for installation on openSUSE Leap

    • ssmtp_template_comment: Comment put on top of every template delivered by Ansible