Virtual Machine Image

If you need a ready-to-run server, you can download the Virtualbox image of the latest Hospital Management System.

This Virtual Machine (VM) has followed the traditional vanilla installation method on a Debian GNU/Linux operating system.


  • gnuhealth: The admin user for the the HIS server (passwd: “freedom”)

  • root: Its password is “freedom”


Make sure you change both passwords

The HIS server is enabled by default, so it runs automatically at operating system boot time.

Demo DB: We have also included the demo DB “health44”, as in the community server. The credentials are the same (admin/gnusolidario)

You can of course create your own and customize the server. This is a full blown server and operating system ready to use.

Disk space: In order to save resources and download times this is a small image (16GB). There are several gigabytes free for the database, and you can always mount an additional filesystem in the future.

The image is compressed in a xz format. Make sure you uncompress it before importing into virtualbox.

You can download the latest image here:

Virtual Machine Specifications

GNU Health kernel: 4.4.0
Debian: 12 "Bookworm"
DB: Postgresql 15
Python: 3.11
Tryton: 6.0
Desktop environment : XFCE 4.18
Disk size: 16Gb (total)
MD5 hash: 48ff192bccbd1336302cb82602fbfc0a  GNUHealth_44_Debian_12.vdi.xz