GNU Health Embedded

The GNU Health Embedded sub-project (“GNU Health in a Box”) focuses on the installation and use of GNU Health in single-board devices.

The use of GNU Health in single board devices such as the Raspberry Pi has many advantages (in addition to the low cost) such as the easy deployment, little maintenance and low energy consumption that makes it a candidate for some of the following scenarios :

  • Remote areas without Internet,

  • Academic Institutions,

  • Domiciliary Units,

  • Vector Control,

  • Nursing,

  • ICU,

  • Laboratory stations, and

  • Personal Health Records.

The device is a full server, that has its own database, allowing storing the information locally, without the need of a network. That said, keep in mind that it is a low-resource device, so its usage must be carefully planned, and it’s not suitable for high-demand, heavy-load environments, where a regular server would be needed.

Raspberry Pi

The only recent image for Raspberry Pi is based on openSUSE and it is documented on their GNU Health page in their Wiki: