Welcome to the Hospital Management Information System (HIS) of GNU Health!

The main areas of the HIS are:

  • Demographics and Community: Individuals, domiciliary units, families, socioeconomics, demographic & administrative information

  • Patient Management: Health encounters and evaluations, hospitalizations, clinical history and other information that makes up the electronic medical records (EMR)

  • Health Center: Finances & billing, stock & pharmacy, staff, suppliers, beds, operating rooms and other relevant tasks to manage the health center

  • Laboratory and Medical Imaging: Management of complementary orders such as lab tests, medical and diagnostic imaging requests and workflows

  • Health Information System: Statistics, analytical reporting on collected data from the community and participating health institutions, e.g. demographics and epidemiology

These areas involve multi-disciplinary teams, with different responsibilities. For example, demographics and status of the domiciliary units (DU) can be collected by social workers. The patient management by health professionals, the health center management by administrative personnel and accountants, and the information produced by the health center can be processed and managed by the health authorities.

This is just an example to show the importance of team work in GNU Health to get the best results in your community.