General Questions

Who is behind GNU Health?

GNU Health is from GNU Solidario, a non-for-profit, non-government-organization that delivers health with free software. In 2011, the Free Software Foundation adopted GNU Health, and today is an official package of the GNU project. GNU Health belongs to humanity and to public health, at no cost.

What is the license of GNU Health?

GNU Health is licensed under the License, GPL v3 or later.

What is the main website of GNU Health?


Where can I download GNU Health ?

GNU Health is hosted at Codeberg:


Each repository has archives, signatures and checksums available for downloads:


I want to get involved in the GNU Health community. Where can I get more information?

Refer to the Resources and Support section of this book.

On which operating systems can GNU Health be installed?

The GNU Health server can be installed in any GNU/Linux and NIX based systems with a Python interpreter. Some people have installed GNU Health server on Microsoft Windows.

The client can be installed in GNU/Linux systems, OpenBSD, FreeBSD and other NIX systems, as well as in Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X (Macs with Intel processors only).

What is the software versioning model in GNU Health?

GNU Health uses a sequence-based schema, using the major.minor.revision identifiers. GNU Health uses odd minor numbers for development versions, and even minor numbers for stable releases.

For example: 3.16.1 would correspond to a stable release, whereas 2.15.0 would be a development release. Development releases are not meant to be used in productive environments, and they are intended to be used by developers.

Demo Database

I can not connect to the GNU Health Demo Database. What shall I do?

  • Make sure that you are using the correct version of the client. This is not necessarily the most recent version. Please refer to the chapter about the Using the Demo Database.

  • Make sure your Internet connection is up and running. (Temporary communication problems between the Tryton client and the Demo Database may be caused by unstable or very slow connectivity.)

Mailing lists

I have a question about GNU Health, what is the best way to ask ?

The GNU Health general mailing list is “health@gnu.org” . For general users (non-developers) this is the best place to start. You can subscribe here https://lists.gnu.org/mailman/listinfo/health

What is the right format for emails ?

Please don’t use HTML for emails. Use plain text

Can I include screenshots in my mails ?

Please don’t. They take a lot of space in our mailboxes. The best way is to upload the screenshot to your favorite image hosting community, and provide the link in the mail. One example is imgur.

Subjects on the emails

Please use short, concise and contextualized subjects when writing to the mailing lists.

As mentioned in the previous section, please don’t use the “Digest” as the subject to reply.