3.1. gnuhealth

The playbook gnuhealth.yml installs the GNU Health Hospital Information System (HIS) which is the core of GNU Health.

The following booleans in ìnventories/dev/group_vars/gnuhealth control whether sub steps are executed are not:

  • certificate_authority (default: false)

  • postgresql (default: true)

  • application (default: true)

  • nginx (default: true)

  • backup (default: false)

  • fail2ban (default: false)

  • unattended_upgrades (default: false)

  • ssmtp (default: false)

  • systemd_alert (default: false)

  • timezone (default: false)

  • nftables (default: false)

If you call the _minimal playbook the booleans are ignored anyway and only the roles for the sub steps which are true by default get included. Configuration steps for SSH or TLS for distributed systems are also skipped.

The minimal playbook contains the following roles: check, postgresql, gnuhealth, uwsgi, nginx and gnuhealth-client. The latter usually belongs to the desktop playbook but the minimal scenario is expected to be everything in one system anyway thus it also calls the role for the client to connect to the server.

Check the chapter Roles for details about all the integrated roles.