3.2. desktop

This playbook is meant to manage workstations and mainly to install the GNU Health client.

The following booleans in ìnventories/dev/group_vars/desktop control whether sub steps are executed are not:

  • gnuhealth_client (default: true)

  • ghcl_trust_certs (default: false)

  • gpg (default: false)

  • mygnuhealth (default: false)

  • unattended-upgrades (default: false)

  • timezone (default: false)

The boolean ghcl_trust_certs controls if the certificate role is included in order to trust the certificate of the GNU Health server so the client can connect. This only happens if the boolean gnuhealth_client is true as well.

All other booleans above call roles with the same name as the boolean itself.